See Matcha in action!

See the recipe card below? You’re able to visibly check off each item and direction as you cook the recipe. You can also resize your window or pull up the page on mobile – the recipe will continue to look beautiful no matter what.

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The pretty design doesn’t end here! Matcha employs touches of material design on the administrative end. Try editing this post – under the hood, Matcha is packed with functionality, but it always retains its simplistic feel.

Here’s what a few food bloggers have to say about Matcha:

I couldn’t have asked for a recipe plugin that fits my wants and needs better; Matcha works. I’d recommend it to any food blogger.
Alexa from Fooduzzi

I love the Matcha plugin! I’m so glad I switched. It’s so easy to use and I feel like it makes my blog posts look so much better.
– Ashley from The Small Town Foodie

Matcha is so easy to use, and the layout is so appealing to the eye! I LOVE using it.
Heidi from Red Checkered Tablecloth

It is so easy to use, which is great for a beginner like me! It feels and looks so right.
Severien from More Than Just Carrots

Go ahead – give it a try! Create a new post or edit this one. You can even customize Matcha’s appearance in Settings > Matcha Recipe.